Expression Web is the upgrade from Frontpage, and MS is trying to compete with Dreamweaver. It appears to be a completely new product not based on FrontPage at all. I find it buggy and would not recommend it to anyone. I’m sure it’ll be ok by version 3, but it only likes to work with .net on the server side and Dreamweaver is happy to work with many server side platforms.

I use Dreamweaver .. but I also learned to code by hand in the days when no such program was available. GoLive by Adobe is a great program. I hate FrontPage but people like Jim Edwards and some of the top pros swear by the 2003 version. Earlier versions dropped a lot of additional cryptic, pain-in-the- butt, microsoft code into the html which drove us web page designers nuts.

And of course, there’s mozilla (a previous incarnation designed by earlier Netscape-ians) which Jim Edwards gives you a full tutorial on in his Website Pro program. Remember, as marketers of a Led hut discount code .. we’re not looking to have people say … “Ooooh .. what an artistic page … !” We’re looking to get READ and have them part with their hard earned moo-lah. Again … Jim Edwards said, when he distilled his 41 page website into a 1 page sales letter, his site drew 250 percent more profit …. Some people just want to point to a pretty website … We’ve all been through that …. and it kept us pretty broke in the past and no one seemed much to care with the proliferation of meaningless pages …. people are more concerned with finding usuable content nowadays (and as quickly as possible). Just my opinion

Dreamweaver is a great tool that I have used for a few years now with a good WYSIWYG editor however relying solely on the WYSIWYG editor is not always what your going to see in your browser 1:1. The brilliant thing however is that you can edit code and CSS elements on the fly making corrections as you go. Both Notepad++ and StyleMaster are for people who link to mess with code. I love and use them both. Using more advanced tools or strictly using Dreamweavers code view panel will force you to learn as you go and learn you shall! This experience is somewhat invaluable if you begin to develop and debug your own sites or others as you make your way through the field of Internet marketing and various SEO related subjects where applicable.


I’m currently working on an online luxury item retail site. I’ve decided to skip using templates and instead go with good custom design. It will be a full fledged ecommerce site with a large product catalog, shopping cart and the usual features. I’d appreciate recommendations along with estimates of how much I should expect to pay.

It is important that the design firm understands my brief, to sell luxury (relatively higher priced) items online like the kind you’d get with a buyagift discount code, I believe the most important thing is trust, and if the design can take you even a step closer to building that trust, it will have done its job. The site needs to come across as an authority site, not a fly by night operator. Sophisticated and Professional are other words that come to mind.

I’m not looking for flashy graphics/flash or animated features, I won’t need these to feature a Clarks discount code. I did take a look at Template Monster but I’d much rather go with the custom design option. Its good that you addressed the product catalog. I’m considering between spending a month creating it myself using oscommerce and a guide to creating e-commerce websites with oscommerce on the one hand, and outsourcing it on the other. Can Oscommerce / Yahoo / Miva / Shopsite etc. be customized enough to develop full scale e-commerce stores, the kinds you see the big e-commerce stores having? For a frame of reference, take a look at the catalog and store. Could something with a similar set of features (for the sake of simplicity, lets say an identical set of features) be developed using the above shopping cart software? And if so, what would you put the learning curve at for someone who’s never developed an e-commece store before, but knows his HTML well and just about knows his PHP. Any other recommendations or ideas would also be considered and appreciated.

As for the pricing, I’ve had quotes ranging anywhere from 1k for the entire site (with the catalog) to 20k, with about 3-6k being the median. I’m ok with paying within that range, with the keys being their portfolio and most important how well they understand my brief.

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